MMM-D: database of co-evolving proteins
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MMM-D is a result of the combined efforts of Dr. Elisabeth Tillier, her students, collaborators and funding agencies.
Here is a brief description of the work done by various team members

Nisa Dar designed and implemented the initial version of MMM-D (Oct 2009); mapped OMA protein Ids to various database protein Ids (e.g., Ensembl, Uniprot and SGD etc.);
extracted known protein-protein interactions from various databases and mapped them to OMA proteins and calculated MMMpG scores.

Alexandr Bezginov and Gregory W. Clark identified the co-evolving OMA clusters by using MatrixMatchMaker and calculated MMM scores.

Alex Rodionov revised MatrixMatchMaker as a fast and efficient algorithm for protein co-evolution detection.

Dr. Elisabeth Tillier conceived MatrixMatchMaker and MMM-D, and supervised this study.

Dr. Elisabeth Tillier, Alexandr Bezginov, Gregory W. Clark & Nisa Dar contributed to the data analysis.